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Research conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute in August 2012 found that business users spend in excess of ... 150 minutes ( 2 1/2 hours ) each day searching through, reading and answering emails!

A more recent study commissioned by Adobe Systems and published in the Huffington Post in May 2016 pegs this number at ... 190 minutes ( just under 3 1/4 hours ) per day.   Despite the popularity of instant messaging, texting and social media, the study showed that email is still the top communications tool in the workplace and will grow in importance over the next five years.

My 360 Virtual Office™ can easily reduce the time spent managing emails by 50% or more!


To calculate how much money your company can save by using My 360 Virtual Office™ from Results Plus ... Enter your company's Average Annual Employee Salary $ and the Number of Employees then click the 'Calculate Your Company Savings' button.


If you think 150 minutes per day is too high for your company ... simply change the Minutes Spent value to whatever you feel best reflects your company's situation and you will see the savings $ to cost $ ratio is still very significant!


Minutes Spent Each Day Reading / Answering / Searching Through Saved Emails ... per McKinsey study

Average Employee Salary $

Number of Employees


Cost per Hour per Employee $

Total Annual Cost Of Managing Emails  $


Annual Savings $ @ 50% Less Time Spent By Using My 360 Virtual Office™


Annual Savings $ Per Employee


My 360 Virtual Office™
Monthly Cost Per Employee = $ 10.00 ( Canadian $ )
Payable On A Yearly Contract = $120.00 Annually
( Includes Custom Design / User Licence Fee / Annual Hosting Fee )

Total Purchase Cost $

Company Net Savings - Each Year $

Your Net Savings $ Return Is 
Your Total $ Purchase Cost



What's not shown in the calculations above are the additional savings derived from the integrated Instant Meet-On-The-Web feature included in My 360 Virtual Office™ where up to 400 people can meet on the web an unlimited number of times ... without paying any monthly usage fees!

Well known web meeting services like WebEx and GoToMeeting and many others, charge in the range of $39.00 to $49.00 per month, per user for their Web Meeting software.

Do the math below to see how much more money your company can save using My 360 Virtual Office™ versus your current paid web meeting service!


Number Of Employees Currently Using A Paid Web Meeting Service

Monthly Web Meeting Service Cost $ Per Employee

Annual Savings $ By Using My 360 Virtual Office™ Instead Of Your Current Web Meeting Service


Annual Net / Net Savings $ By Using My 360 Virtual Office™

Your Net / Net Savings $ Return Is 
Your Total $ Purchase Cost

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